Tuesday, November 18, 2008

So- it's been three months- oops!

Well- I haven't updated for a bit. Didn't realize anyone was really reading it- will be more fun now with the twin friends on here.

The girls are 11 months old- we have 25 days until the big 1st birthday!!!! It is so hard to believe- and I am so into the holidays this year and so excited. I guess missing out on a lot of it last year between the hospital and bedrest has made this year even more special. So I am thinking we will have the girls' party a week or so early- then depending on what happens with James' job we will go to Florida for Christmas, or after Christmas. I know my mom can't wait to see the kids again (you know you can't Mom!).

The girls are little characters. They can be so funny! Abby is miss personality and always has a cheesy grin for everyone- and she usually giggles with it. She has also pointed her finger at me when I told her no, and they both shake their heads no when told not to do something. I have a feeling they will keep me on my toes as they get older. Both girls are into everything- they can crawl quickly and get places fast. They are both letting go and standing, and can walk holding onto something, but not on their own yet. I think Erynn knows she has to move her legs, but she just hasn't figured out how- I think she is hesitant- she just falls forward and laughs. I am wondering if they will be walking before they turn one. Both girls have 8 teeth- not really any signs of more to come at this time. They had tubes put in their ears at the end of September, and had one nasty ear infection last month, but seem to be doing much better now. They are eating table foods, whatever we eat- and drink out of sippy cups all day- but usually get a bottle at night- I don't know why though- they do great with the cups! And in the next week or so- we will transition off formula- woo hoo! Erynn is still bigger than Abby- and I am think it is over 2 lbs bigger now. Abby is so little and petite and Erynn is chunky- I am sure they will even out when they are walking. Both girls LOVE to play with Camden and follow him everywhere. They still get up at night sometimes- but are definitly sleeping better than they had been!

Camden is three now- and the ones that told me 3 is worse then 2 are proving to be right! He can really try my patience at times. But, we are working on it, and I think we are making real progress. He is listening better. He is doing good with the potty training- and is pretty much insisiting he wears underwear all the time, no pull ups. He goes to preschool two days a week and seems to really like it. He talks about the kids in his class all the time, and is always happy to go- never throws a fit when I leave him. He is learning things fast- and surprises me often. Yesterday it was looking up and saying "sky" then I asked him what color, he said "blue". Definitly not something I taught him. And he sings his ABC's and today I caught him count correctly 1-11 (usually he misses a number or two). And he talks in complete sentences now. When asked if he did something he will tell you "no I did not" or "yes I did". Sometimes he really shocks both James and I with what he knows. He is usually really good with his sisters and seems to like to play with them- I am sure that will change down the road!

James and I are doing well. Still plugging along with school- I am SO ready for this semester to be over. This statistics class is definitly confusing and challenging- but it will be done in 3.5 weeks! And next semester I only have 6 credits, much better than the 10 I have now! I am still working weekends- and looking into picking up a few shifts in a different area- definitly don't want to be on my floor any more than I have to right now. With the economy going the way it is- we are unsure if James' job will hold out much longer, so I am working on being prepared to work more- so he can stay home, go to school full time, and get it done.

That is about all for now. I will try to update more often! And yes- I know- I said that last time!


starsinmybelly said...

AMY! Yay! So glad to see you on blogger...I love all the pics, super cute! Glad I can keep up with you on here *big hugs*

xoxo, Jax

Monkey Tamer said...

Hi Amy! I just as excited about Christmas this year. I was starting to get really uncomfortable around Christmas time last year! Erynn doesn't look like she's 2 pounds bigger than Abby. That's a pretty big difference but I can't tell. Camden's getting big. Three is starting to sound scary! I can't believe you're doing all this, working AND in school! You're crazy! I knew I wouldn't finish if I got preggers so we waited. I'm amazed by you! Good job!

Take care!