Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Girls' new toys...

The girls are starting to enjoy their jumperoos! They can barely reach the floor though- especially in the rainforest one. But I think they just enjoy being upright! They have even "napped" in them already. If they are anything like Camden this will soon be one of their favorites- that boy spent a lot of time in his- and still loves to jump!

Camden's new do

Well, I finally did it- I buzzed Camden's hair- this was after pleeding with James to let me do it- hey- it saves money AND looks cute. Not to mention when we finally make it outside for any length of time I can get the sunscreen on his head without his hair looking filthy! He did very well with me doing it- he actually said he wanted his hair cut. Just a bit of difficulty at the neck area- he's a bit ticklish!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

4 month checkup

So- today the girls went to the doctor. Both are perfectly healthy- not a thing wrong. Erynn is huge- 13 lbs 1 oz and 24.5 inches. Abby is still a little peanut at 11 lbs 13 ozs, and 24 inches long. I have noticed in the last few days that Erynn FEELS heavier than Abby- but I am still shocked there is over a 1 lb difference between them.

Both girls got 3 shots today- and are both a little fussy tonight- so this should make for a huge lack of sleep, but I hope not!

I took the girls up to work after their appointment today, and one of the nurses up there had Erynn giggling, ALOT- so unfair- I have tried so hard to get them to laugh. Hopefully there is more of this to come. Both of the girls are really "talking" up a storm at times. The coos, giggles, and smiles are some of my favorite things!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Four Months!

Boy, time sure goes fast. The girls turned four months on Sunday. I was reminded of this everytime I wrote the date on the boards in my patients rooms, and kind of got teary eyed! They are turning more into little people, than the tiny babies that were born back in December. They are starting to reach and grab for things, as well as occasionally rolling over. On their bellies they kick and squirm and look like they are trying to go places. They get so excited when Camden comes up to them, and they always flash their big toothless grins for him. In the mornings when they are fussing to get up- all we have to do is simply walk in to get them and are greeted with a smile.

We started some cereal- after jump starting with some peaches- Abby does very well, Erynn just isn't too sure yet. Abby gets pretty excited and smiles when the spoon comes her way- Erynn just looks like she could care less!

Abby sleeps through most nights- in her own bed. Erynn, still sleeping in her crib most nights, gets up once or twice a night- and eats a full bottle. Needless to say- Erynn seems much bigger than Abby now. They go to the doc on Thursday for their check up and shots- so we will know how much difference there is between the two now.

Welcome to our Blog! Hopefully I will be able to keep this site up to date for everyone so we can keep in touch with you all, and let you know about everyone, and all the new things happening, in one spot, versus having a site of each child. We shall see if I keep up!