Thursday, July 3, 2008

6 months +! A bit late!

The girls turned 6 months on June 13- so I guess they are close to being 7 months now! They are growing so busy- and between them, work, and Camden I have been staying busy! At their 6 month appointment Erynn was 15 lbs 4 ozs and 26.25 inches, and Abby was 14 lbs and 26.5 inches. Abby to my surprise has gotten longer than Erynn, she was a 1/2 inch shorter at birth. This month has been busy, first Abby had an ear infection- then when she was do for a recheck, Camden was running fevers and not feeling well- found him to have an ear infection too- and Abby's was not better. So they are both being treated for that, and now Erynn is running fevers and has some eye drainage, so I am sure she has it too.

The girls roll all over the place, and push way up with their arms, they just haven't figured out what to do with their legs. Erynn "claps" her feet together, so I think she knows she has to to something with them, just not sure what, ha ha ha. They already find everything on the floor and put it in their mouth! Their favorite things to get a hold of are diaper wipes- I have no clue why. They are both eating 2 meals of baby food a day and seem to love it. Erynn has her two bottom teeth, and I think she is working on some tops. Abby has her two bottoms, and just broke through one of her upper eye teeth- I tell James if she keeps it up she will look like a vampire!

The both like being in their jumperoos, and actually jump now. They "talk" a lot of baby talk, make raspberries, and sort of fight with each other. They sleep through the night unless they are not feeling well. They both roll onto their bellies and are now sleeping with their legs up under them and their butts in the air!

Since my last post we have all taken a trip to Florida- that was stressful, at least the plane rides were. 5 people in 3 seats is rather cramped. Mom and dad enjoyed their visit, but I think were ready for us to go! Has to be a big change for them to have the house to themselves then all the sudden have all 5 of us there. We went to Disney- the girls were miserable and hot- so we left part way through the day- let Camden take a nap, and just Camden, James and I went back. Camden had fun, got to ride his first roller coaster and laughed the whole time. He has his own set of Mickey ears with his name on the back, and recognizes Mickey everywhere we go!

Camden is learning all kinds of things. I do think he is bored, and have decided for sure that he needs to go to preschool in the fall- so that is the next thing- to try to get him in somewhere. He loves to play outside, and has learned to pedal his big wheel. We got him a bike with training wheels, and he hasn't quite gotten that down yet. We are still working on the potty training thing- he does good somedays, and others not. It seems like I have to bribe him to much to get him to do it. He likes to go next door and play with the neighbors 5 year old- as well as enjoys his visits with his buddy Garret. He says so many things now- and has no trouble telling us what he is wanting. His favorite now is to tell us he is hungry, or thirsty.

Everything has been going well- just busy! Will try to update more often.