Monday, December 15, 2008


Erynn and Abby turned 1 on December 13th! It is hard to believe that a year really has passed- it seems like I was just pregnant- and ready to have them! But- I guess that time passes differently when you are on bedrest waiting on a baby (babies), than it does when you are working, going to school, and chasing three kids around!
We had their birthday party on December 12. We just had a small party here at home. Let them eat cake, open presents, and that was it. They seemed to have fun- and they are always happy to have company! More people to pay attention to them, ha ha ha. The girls both ate their cake- each had an small 4 inch cake- all to themselves! Abby dug right in- Erynn wasn't as sure- but soon dug in too. Abby cleaned all the frosting off of her cake- and Erynn tore the icing off the top and was pulling chunks of the cake out. Abby tried to pic hers up several times- but I think her fingers sinking into the frosting threw her off. In the end both girls ate about 1/2 of their cake and made a mess out of themselves. Camden was very jealous- and was a bit impatient waiting on his piece of cake. At one point he went to Erynn with a napkin, wanting her to wipe her face. The girls made feeble attempts at opening their presents. Abby opened about 1 1/2- Erynn tore just a bit of paper on one present.

The girls had their one year appointment at the doc. Erynn was born at 6 lbs 8 ozs and 18.5 inches- and is now 21.4 lbs and 29.75 inches. Abby was born at 6 lbs 3 ozs and 18 inches- and is now 20 lbs even and 30.25 inches! It is unbelieveable how much they grow in a year! Both girls had their 3 shots- and neither of them liked it! James was at the appointment with me- so both girls got soothed right away. We asked Camden if he wanted some shots- he shook his head and said he didn't want shots- cute, ha ha ha. Both girls are cutting 4 molars- all four of the first ones. They have had some snotty nose issues and a cough for about 2 weeks now. I took them to the doc a little over a week ago and she gave us zyrtec (trying to treat for allergies- hopefully will decrease the colds!) and sudafed to try to dry them up. They are not much better- although they act fine- so she is going to put them on an antibiotic. We have to get them better before we go to Florida!!!

We are going to Florida next week- we are leaving December 22 and coming home sometime the next week. We are going to see my mom and dad for Christmas- driving- should be a whole new experience!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

So- it's been three months- oops!

Well- I haven't updated for a bit. Didn't realize anyone was really reading it- will be more fun now with the twin friends on here.

The girls are 11 months old- we have 25 days until the big 1st birthday!!!! It is so hard to believe- and I am so into the holidays this year and so excited. I guess missing out on a lot of it last year between the hospital and bedrest has made this year even more special. So I am thinking we will have the girls' party a week or so early- then depending on what happens with James' job we will go to Florida for Christmas, or after Christmas. I know my mom can't wait to see the kids again (you know you can't Mom!).

The girls are little characters. They can be so funny! Abby is miss personality and always has a cheesy grin for everyone- and she usually giggles with it. She has also pointed her finger at me when I told her no, and they both shake their heads no when told not to do something. I have a feeling they will keep me on my toes as they get older. Both girls are into everything- they can crawl quickly and get places fast. They are both letting go and standing, and can walk holding onto something, but not on their own yet. I think Erynn knows she has to move her legs, but she just hasn't figured out how- I think she is hesitant- she just falls forward and laughs. I am wondering if they will be walking before they turn one. Both girls have 8 teeth- not really any signs of more to come at this time. They had tubes put in their ears at the end of September, and had one nasty ear infection last month, but seem to be doing much better now. They are eating table foods, whatever we eat- and drink out of sippy cups all day- but usually get a bottle at night- I don't know why though- they do great with the cups! And in the next week or so- we will transition off formula- woo hoo! Erynn is still bigger than Abby- and I am think it is over 2 lbs bigger now. Abby is so little and petite and Erynn is chunky- I am sure they will even out when they are walking. Both girls LOVE to play with Camden and follow him everywhere. They still get up at night sometimes- but are definitly sleeping better than they had been!

Camden is three now- and the ones that told me 3 is worse then 2 are proving to be right! He can really try my patience at times. But, we are working on it, and I think we are making real progress. He is listening better. He is doing good with the potty training- and is pretty much insisiting he wears underwear all the time, no pull ups. He goes to preschool two days a week and seems to really like it. He talks about the kids in his class all the time, and is always happy to go- never throws a fit when I leave him. He is learning things fast- and surprises me often. Yesterday it was looking up and saying "sky" then I asked him what color, he said "blue". Definitly not something I taught him. And he sings his ABC's and today I caught him count correctly 1-11 (usually he misses a number or two). And he talks in complete sentences now. When asked if he did something he will tell you "no I did not" or "yes I did". Sometimes he really shocks both James and I with what he knows. He is usually really good with his sisters and seems to like to play with them- I am sure that will change down the road!

James and I are doing well. Still plugging along with school- I am SO ready for this semester to be over. This statistics class is definitly confusing and challenging- but it will be done in 3.5 weeks! And next semester I only have 6 credits, much better than the 10 I have now! I am still working weekends- and looking into picking up a few shifts in a different area- definitly don't want to be on my floor any more than I have to right now. With the economy going the way it is- we are unsure if James' job will hold out much longer, so I am working on being prepared to work more- so he can stay home, go to school full time, and get it done.

That is about all for now. I will try to update more often! And yes- I know- I said that last time!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

8 months! A lot of new things going on!

So... the girls are 8 months old already! My how time passes so quickly! They are both very busy. They are not officially crawling yet, but they are army crawling and they sure do get around, and quick at that. If there is ANYTHING on the floor, which is usually thanks to Camden, they will dart across the room to get it. They both say mama, dada, and baba- and still love to do raspberries. They can sit up unsupported- although Abby just put herself in the sitting position yesterday. We have new carseats on the way since they are growing out of the carriers- I am hoping it will make things easier- because we have been unstrapping them from their carriers and putting them in the stroller when we are out anyway. The girls both are having problems with their ears- and they go to the Ear Nose and Throat doctor tomorrow- and I have hopes we will be getting tubes. So bad to want your kid to have surgery- but I am tired of them hurting, taking them to the doc, and giving them antibiotics! The girls still show two completly different personalities. Abby is still very happy go luck most of the time but will cry when anything startles her, and Erynn is still pretty serious and not quite as "high strung" as Abby. Not much else new with the girls- they both have 6 teeth now, and as far as I can tell show no signs of any more soon. They hold their own bottles, and eat some table food. They like the biter biscuits, and the new rice cakes for babies we found. They have done well with the diced peaches and cereal bites we give them.

Camden is doing so well. He is potty training and keeping up with it for the most part. He had had a few bad days here recently, but I don't think he feels good- and I noticed he threw a fit when I tried to look in his ears last night... He started preschool this week, a two year old class. Orientation was on Monday- so I went with him. Yesterday was his first full 2.5 hour day, that I left him. He could have cared less that I left. The teacher said he did great and played well. He was excited too- he kept telling me he played with kids, went down the slide, played in the sand and went swinging. He LOVES his sisters- first thing he does in the morning is goes and looks for them. And he plays with them a good share of the day too. He knows a lot of shapes and about all of his colors now, and can count to 10 just not in order!

James and I are both in school this semester. James is going for an Associates in Advanced Manufacturing- I am continuing on with my Bachelors. I really want to get my Master's before the kiddos go to kindergarten- we shall see!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

6 months +! A bit late!

The girls turned 6 months on June 13- so I guess they are close to being 7 months now! They are growing so busy- and between them, work, and Camden I have been staying busy! At their 6 month appointment Erynn was 15 lbs 4 ozs and 26.25 inches, and Abby was 14 lbs and 26.5 inches. Abby to my surprise has gotten longer than Erynn, she was a 1/2 inch shorter at birth. This month has been busy, first Abby had an ear infection- then when she was do for a recheck, Camden was running fevers and not feeling well- found him to have an ear infection too- and Abby's was not better. So they are both being treated for that, and now Erynn is running fevers and has some eye drainage, so I am sure she has it too.

The girls roll all over the place, and push way up with their arms, they just haven't figured out what to do with their legs. Erynn "claps" her feet together, so I think she knows she has to to something with them, just not sure what, ha ha ha. They already find everything on the floor and put it in their mouth! Their favorite things to get a hold of are diaper wipes- I have no clue why. They are both eating 2 meals of baby food a day and seem to love it. Erynn has her two bottom teeth, and I think she is working on some tops. Abby has her two bottoms, and just broke through one of her upper eye teeth- I tell James if she keeps it up she will look like a vampire!

The both like being in their jumperoos, and actually jump now. They "talk" a lot of baby talk, make raspberries, and sort of fight with each other. They sleep through the night unless they are not feeling well. They both roll onto their bellies and are now sleeping with their legs up under them and their butts in the air!

Since my last post we have all taken a trip to Florida- that was stressful, at least the plane rides were. 5 people in 3 seats is rather cramped. Mom and dad enjoyed their visit, but I think were ready for us to go! Has to be a big change for them to have the house to themselves then all the sudden have all 5 of us there. We went to Disney- the girls were miserable and hot- so we left part way through the day- let Camden take a nap, and just Camden, James and I went back. Camden had fun, got to ride his first roller coaster and laughed the whole time. He has his own set of Mickey ears with his name on the back, and recognizes Mickey everywhere we go!

Camden is learning all kinds of things. I do think he is bored, and have decided for sure that he needs to go to preschool in the fall- so that is the next thing- to try to get him in somewhere. He loves to play outside, and has learned to pedal his big wheel. We got him a bike with training wheels, and he hasn't quite gotten that down yet. We are still working on the potty training thing- he does good somedays, and others not. It seems like I have to bribe him to much to get him to do it. He likes to go next door and play with the neighbors 5 year old- as well as enjoys his visits with his buddy Garret. He says so many things now- and has no trouble telling us what he is wanting. His favorite now is to tell us he is hungry, or thirsty.

Everything has been going well- just busy! Will try to update more often.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

5 months!!!

Well, the girls are past the 5 month mark now- so hard to believe time is going so fast! We have sort of back tracked a bit in the sleeping department, one of the girls seems to get up about 3:30 every morning, but thankfully they go back to sleep after eating. I am almost positive we have some teeth coming in- they are drooling more than ever, gnawing on EVERYTHING, and go nuts when you rub their gums. Plus each of them have the tell-tale bumps on their bottom gums. I wish they would hurry up and come through- and give the poor babies some relief.
Both girls now roll over- I have seen them both go both ways- belly to back and back to belly. They are napping better than they used to. They both love to get their feet into their hands and play with them. Plus, I have been able to get both of them to laugh! I had been waiting for that for a long time. One day during this past month I had the girls laying about 5 feet apart and Abby started scooting her way towards Erynn. Good to know they like each other =-)

They don't get a doc appointment this month- but as far as I can tell Abby weighs 13 lbs 10 oz and Erynn 14 lbs 8 ozs. This is probably not very accurate since they had diapers and clothing on!

Camden has been learning things left and right. He says all sorts of sentences now- the worst being "I want _____". It is getting sort of old! He now knows several colors- blue, red, green, yellow and white. He also has started trying to sing along with his train station when it sings the ABC's. We are working on the potty training thing- but boy is he stubborn!!! But I am sure he will get it... eventually!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Girls' new toys...

The girls are starting to enjoy their jumperoos! They can barely reach the floor though- especially in the rainforest one. But I think they just enjoy being upright! They have even "napped" in them already. If they are anything like Camden this will soon be one of their favorites- that boy spent a lot of time in his- and still loves to jump!

Camden's new do

Well, I finally did it- I buzzed Camden's hair- this was after pleeding with James to let me do it- hey- it saves money AND looks cute. Not to mention when we finally make it outside for any length of time I can get the sunscreen on his head without his hair looking filthy! He did very well with me doing it- he actually said he wanted his hair cut. Just a bit of difficulty at the neck area- he's a bit ticklish!