Monday, December 15, 2008


Erynn and Abby turned 1 on December 13th! It is hard to believe that a year really has passed- it seems like I was just pregnant- and ready to have them! But- I guess that time passes differently when you are on bedrest waiting on a baby (babies), than it does when you are working, going to school, and chasing three kids around!
We had their birthday party on December 12. We just had a small party here at home. Let them eat cake, open presents, and that was it. They seemed to have fun- and they are always happy to have company! More people to pay attention to them, ha ha ha. The girls both ate their cake- each had an small 4 inch cake- all to themselves! Abby dug right in- Erynn wasn't as sure- but soon dug in too. Abby cleaned all the frosting off of her cake- and Erynn tore the icing off the top and was pulling chunks of the cake out. Abby tried to pic hers up several times- but I think her fingers sinking into the frosting threw her off. In the end both girls ate about 1/2 of their cake and made a mess out of themselves. Camden was very jealous- and was a bit impatient waiting on his piece of cake. At one point he went to Erynn with a napkin, wanting her to wipe her face. The girls made feeble attempts at opening their presents. Abby opened about 1 1/2- Erynn tore just a bit of paper on one present.

The girls had their one year appointment at the doc. Erynn was born at 6 lbs 8 ozs and 18.5 inches- and is now 21.4 lbs and 29.75 inches. Abby was born at 6 lbs 3 ozs and 18 inches- and is now 20 lbs even and 30.25 inches! It is unbelieveable how much they grow in a year! Both girls had their 3 shots- and neither of them liked it! James was at the appointment with me- so both girls got soothed right away. We asked Camden if he wanted some shots- he shook his head and said he didn't want shots- cute, ha ha ha. Both girls are cutting 4 molars- all four of the first ones. They have had some snotty nose issues and a cough for about 2 weeks now. I took them to the doc a little over a week ago and she gave us zyrtec (trying to treat for allergies- hopefully will decrease the colds!) and sudafed to try to dry them up. They are not much better- although they act fine- so she is going to put them on an antibiotic. We have to get them better before we go to Florida!!!

We are going to Florida next week- we are leaving December 22 and coming home sometime the next week. We are going to see my mom and dad for Christmas- driving- should be a whole new experience!!!

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