Wednesday, May 14, 2008

5 months!!!

Well, the girls are past the 5 month mark now- so hard to believe time is going so fast! We have sort of back tracked a bit in the sleeping department, one of the girls seems to get up about 3:30 every morning, but thankfully they go back to sleep after eating. I am almost positive we have some teeth coming in- they are drooling more than ever, gnawing on EVERYTHING, and go nuts when you rub their gums. Plus each of them have the tell-tale bumps on their bottom gums. I wish they would hurry up and come through- and give the poor babies some relief.
Both girls now roll over- I have seen them both go both ways- belly to back and back to belly. They are napping better than they used to. They both love to get their feet into their hands and play with them. Plus, I have been able to get both of them to laugh! I had been waiting for that for a long time. One day during this past month I had the girls laying about 5 feet apart and Abby started scooting her way towards Erynn. Good to know they like each other =-)

They don't get a doc appointment this month- but as far as I can tell Abby weighs 13 lbs 10 oz and Erynn 14 lbs 8 ozs. This is probably not very accurate since they had diapers and clothing on!

Camden has been learning things left and right. He says all sorts of sentences now- the worst being "I want _____". It is getting sort of old! He now knows several colors- blue, red, green, yellow and white. He also has started trying to sing along with his train station when it sings the ABC's. We are working on the potty training thing- but boy is he stubborn!!! But I am sure he will get it... eventually!