Thursday, August 21, 2008

8 months! A lot of new things going on!

So... the girls are 8 months old already! My how time passes so quickly! They are both very busy. They are not officially crawling yet, but they are army crawling and they sure do get around, and quick at that. If there is ANYTHING on the floor, which is usually thanks to Camden, they will dart across the room to get it. They both say mama, dada, and baba- and still love to do raspberries. They can sit up unsupported- although Abby just put herself in the sitting position yesterday. We have new carseats on the way since they are growing out of the carriers- I am hoping it will make things easier- because we have been unstrapping them from their carriers and putting them in the stroller when we are out anyway. The girls both are having problems with their ears- and they go to the Ear Nose and Throat doctor tomorrow- and I have hopes we will be getting tubes. So bad to want your kid to have surgery- but I am tired of them hurting, taking them to the doc, and giving them antibiotics! The girls still show two completly different personalities. Abby is still very happy go luck most of the time but will cry when anything startles her, and Erynn is still pretty serious and not quite as "high strung" as Abby. Not much else new with the girls- they both have 6 teeth now, and as far as I can tell show no signs of any more soon. They hold their own bottles, and eat some table food. They like the biter biscuits, and the new rice cakes for babies we found. They have done well with the diced peaches and cereal bites we give them.

Camden is doing so well. He is potty training and keeping up with it for the most part. He had had a few bad days here recently, but I don't think he feels good- and I noticed he threw a fit when I tried to look in his ears last night... He started preschool this week, a two year old class. Orientation was on Monday- so I went with him. Yesterday was his first full 2.5 hour day, that I left him. He could have cared less that I left. The teacher said he did great and played well. He was excited too- he kept telling me he played with kids, went down the slide, played in the sand and went swinging. He LOVES his sisters- first thing he does in the morning is goes and looks for them. And he plays with them a good share of the day too. He knows a lot of shapes and about all of his colors now, and can count to 10 just not in order!

James and I are both in school this semester. James is going for an Associates in Advanced Manufacturing- I am continuing on with my Bachelors. I really want to get my Master's before the kiddos go to kindergarten- we shall see!

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