Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Four Months!

Boy, time sure goes fast. The girls turned four months on Sunday. I was reminded of this everytime I wrote the date on the boards in my patients rooms, and kind of got teary eyed! They are turning more into little people, than the tiny babies that were born back in December. They are starting to reach and grab for things, as well as occasionally rolling over. On their bellies they kick and squirm and look like they are trying to go places. They get so excited when Camden comes up to them, and they always flash their big toothless grins for him. In the mornings when they are fussing to get up- all we have to do is simply walk in to get them and are greeted with a smile.

We started some cereal- after jump starting with some peaches- Abby does very well, Erynn just isn't too sure yet. Abby gets pretty excited and smiles when the spoon comes her way- Erynn just looks like she could care less!

Abby sleeps through most nights- in her own bed. Erynn, still sleeping in her crib most nights, gets up once or twice a night- and eats a full bottle. Needless to say- Erynn seems much bigger than Abby now. They go to the doc on Thursday for their check up and shots- so we will know how much difference there is between the two now.


Anonymous said...

Aww.. I am so excited for you! The girls are getting big fast- And Camden looks like a little man! I still couldn't imagine life with two little girls! Jaiden keeps me very busy (she is only 4 months older than the twins)- You've got some fun coming! Keep up the good work!

Salena said...
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Salena said...

SO cute! I cant believe how much more they can do at 4 months! I cant wait to sit mine in those bumbo chairs. Well Amy, your little ones are so cute...I'm glad you joined the blogging world :)